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g, let me ponder deeper
Even if the life is light and windy, even if the life is bland and strange, with you-the book, even the quietest days will exude a vein of fragrance. ����Inscription I like to spend every morning with you. When the sun jumps out of the horizon and spreads its light to the earth, I like to sit next to the flower with the dew, smell your faint fragrance, and smell the flowers. You Xiang, holding you, reading you, and liking you ... It was you who let me see Mencius traveling around the country, and seeing him praise Shunyu, worship Confucius, and discuss the way of the first king. As Shi's tolerance, let me admire his arrogance, his bravery, and his arrogant personality, which made me deeply feel that he is a wise man who is a saint, and is a man of righteousness. Understand the principle of "born in sorrow, die in peace", and understand the deep meaning of "Wan Zhong accepts irrespective of etiquette, Wan Zhong and He Jiayu" ... with your company, even in the quiet morning Also exuding the pulse of fragrance You like to share with you every afternoon Cigarettes For Sale. The faint sun shines people lazily, and the soft wind brings a touch of coolness. I like to drink a cup of tea and a scent of fragrance on the rattan chair in the garden. You let me appreciate the grandeur and ruggedness of a generation of talented Su Shi. The atmosphere of his "bidding and swashing, the eternal love of the elders", the atmosphere of his red cliff that "talks and laughs, the ash goes down", is the story that makes you see the ups and downs of his career. How long, let me ponder deeper and taste him. Although the official career was not smooth, he carried out self-dismissal with "but idle people are like my ears." Although it is difficult to sleep without people Marlboro Cigarettes, but he comforts himself and blesses the world with "people have sorrows, joys and sorrows, moons with yin and yang, and this is an ancient and difficult thing. I hope that people will last for a long time and have a thousand miles Parliament Cigarettes." However, he used "to shoot the tiger, see Sun Lang, hold the festival clouds, how to send Feng Tang?" To express his lofty ambition to kill the enemy and report to the country to build a career ... with your company, even in the afternoon of boredom With the pulse of fragrance. I like every night with you, lonely, starry, moonlight like practice, turn on the lamp, look at the quiet night, sniff your fragrance, hold you, reward you, love is you who brought me In the red building, savoring the bitterness and absurdity of "a bitter tears, full of absurd words", I saw the figure of Dai Yuzi Ran in the Xiaoxiang Museum of the Medicine Fragrance Box, watching her leaning against Lotus, tears shed Hanazuka. Hua Xie Hua Fei is flying all over the sky. Although the flowers can be pecked next year, but the beautiful people who go to the nest are not so beautiful ... with your company, even in the quiet night, there are pulses of fragrance. Books, even in the days when you talk about it, fragrance is everywhere.
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