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iates them, I will be happy
s. But she always had the dream of feeling the world, and she overcame many difficulties and eventually became a famous American writer. With a dream in mind and reshaping life, it takes a lot of hard work. Beethoven's life was bumpy. When the music creation reached its peak, his hearing declined and he lost his hearing Newport Cigarettes. What a terrible blow for a music lover! However, for his music dream, he went on in a lonely life and wrote the immortal masterpiece Symphony of Destiny. There are many more people like them, and despite their physical defects, they can't stop their hot heart from chasing their dreams. Their dreams are so beautiful, what is my dream? A few years ago, my dream was still very naive. I dreamed that one day I could dance with Chang'e, run with Kua ��s father, worship Sun Wukong as a teacher, and learn from Nezha ... However, one day, watching one on TV Auntie, speaking a fluent foreign language, showing pride and pride on her smiling face, which made me envious. At this moment, I have a new dream in my heart. When I grow up, I want to be a diplomat like her. With this dream, I have the motivation to move forward. For this dream, I will not be afraid of suffering again and again. Because I know "How can I see the rainbow without experiencing wind and rain? I believe that after the storm, my world will bloom in spring. For dreams, let us take steps and take our own firm steps; for dreams, let us step On the journey, establish our unyielding faith; for our dreams, let us ride the wind and waves, hung up on the clouds and sails, Li Bai, happy and sorrowful, like Xiao Hong who is sad, like Lu Xun who is just right, and Han Han who is homeless and untrained ... I like famous Chinese and foreign writers. It is because of them that I decided to be a writer from an early age. I am not afraid of any ridicule or talking about my dreams in public. I want to be a writer Cigarettes Online, not only for myself For the people around me. I want to be a writer. Because of this, I can write what I want to write. I do n��t like framed text because it restricts my thinking, runs counter to my wishes, and suppresses My emotions. I want "I write my heart by me" I want to write the words deep in my soul, even if no one appreciates them, I will be happy Go on. I want to be a writer. Because of this, I can keep teenagers away from junk literature. Today's book stalls are full of too many junk books. They are spreading vulgar ideas and have brought a huge spirit to the majority of young people Poisoning. Whenever I see my classmates immersed in Internet romance novels, I feel sad. I think if I can become a writer, I will write the most beautiful words and give them the best spiritual food Marlboro Red. I want to be a writer. Because of this, I can do my modest contribution to the development of national culture. When I heard Mo Yan won the Nobel Prize in Literature, I was ecstatic, and finally Chinese culture can be exultant. I think, If I can be a writer, I can stand at the forefront of the times and contribute more power to Chinese culture. The dream of life belongs to myself, the hardships of development belong to myself, and the hardships of beauty belong to myself, and I will insert my own dreams. Wing up and let it soar in the sky of the future.
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