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and burned. A fierce fire, a l
Departed from the original grass, one year old and one glory. Wild fire, in spring. �� I always feel that grass is only a subtle thing. Grass, very soft! It was so small that it was buried in the shade of the big tree of flowers inadvertently Newport Cigarettes. The softness of the grass is inexplicable. Lying on a piece of grass, the touch of the grass is very comfortable, gently, wonderful. And who knows when the grass is buried deep in the soil! In the soil that is so dark that I can't see the sky Marlboro Gold, the grass only knows to keep drilling, and drill up! On the day when I saw the light, almost no grass was buried forever, and it did not come out. I have seen a few children burning grass, and a fire has passed and burned. A fierce fire, a little burnt grass. It was very sad at the time, and this place would not grow any longer. After many days, I had already forgotten about it. I accidentally passed by and saw the lawn. Where is there any black grass? At first glance, a large piece of green. Then he turned over the burned turf with his hand, and suddenly appeared a few black grasses that seemed to be burning. I caught the fire and the damage to the grass was great. Just a little bit of Mars, which was not destroyed by the butt, could burn a large piece of grass that could not be seen. However, the grass, the grass is temporarily gone, ridiculous, but in the deep underground, how many young grass is ready to break, ready to break through this obstacle, reach the ground, once again showing the endless potential? I do not know. Grass, like the fearless, unyielding protesters, one person goes down, thousands of people stand up! This is not burned, it can't be killed! During the Anti-Japanese War, how many brave people were trapped in the dark predicament, but they did not retreat, did not yield, but struggled in tenacity, just constantly drilling upwards, in order to see the day of the day! They are like grass. seen. Unsuccessful casting of the grass forever burned, unable to pull out, cast the wonderful, beautiful, vast and endless grassland, cast the continuation of the life of the grass. There are a few pots of flowers in the house. The flowers are very delicate, and they have to be righted, fertilized, and watered, and they can't be watered. In short, in my opinion, raising flowers is extremely troublesome and annoying. The person who raises flowers is not a retired old man, but a idle person who is doing nothing. The grass is very different. As long as there is land, or even what is covered, the pressed land, once the spring breeze comes, the grass will be drilled out of the seams and soil, and drilled out as usual. It forms a picture of a green and refreshing heart. When the grass jumps out alone, it is extremely small, extremely inconspicuous, and on the prairie, there are grasshoppers everywhere! That is wonderful, I am most eager to see the soft but not weak, subtle but not small, unyielding, tenacious grass
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