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less; the world is
I always thought that the time of the haze was too long, and the days would be moldy. I used to put the days in the water, soaked and washed over and over again, and then placed under the sky. It was still blown away by the sun, the rain, and the days slowly huddled and became smelly, which made the seeds of the future begin. Sprouting, growing some nostalgia, to pay homage to the past. Just don't understand that nostalgia is a form that needs to be learned. When recalling, people are like old cows with their tails, ploughing and turning over the ground, picking up a bit of sharp memories buried deep in their minds, teaching people to turn their backs and turns, making people look awkward and make people turn around. The light of the scorpion illuminates the bottom of my heart like a six-star - light and dull. Soft memories, enough to moisten the eyelids, burning eyes, hot and humid breathing, but like the mossy moss in the narrow and narrow alleys - no one cares but the two, the rest of the day, only the rest A colorful air in the mind slowly meets and merges, and then it is crushed into memories. When everything is done, the joys and distress of the past are gradually gone, life is simple and only thin. Nostalgia at this time is faint and long-lasting - moving and truly beautiful. There has been a paragraph like this: "The people are getting bigger and bigger, the heart is getting smaller and smaller; the head is getting bigger and bigger, the dream is getting smaller and smaller; the smile is getting more and more, the innocence is getting less and less; the world is getting bigger and bigger, The self is getting smaller and smaller..." In my case, it is "the age is getting bigger and bigger, the past has less and less; the memories are getting deeper and deeper, the memory is getting more and more ambiguous. Selective memory is beneficial to me. There are disadvantages to me. It is a good thing to reduce my brain's capacity as much as possible. When I try to break up the bad things that I used to break, I always think about how beautiful the future world is, always thinking about the future. How wonderful life is. Now I am slowly maturing. From a rational perspective, it is childish! It��s ridiculous! And when I can��t sleep at night, I often remember that I was free when I was a child, and I didn��t have the pressure to study. And the helplessness of maturity; at that time my satisfaction was happy, unlike now, after the desire is satisfied, the disciples will be left empty, and even the tears will be wiped out by hand; then I am sincere to people, no matter how happy or sad I am enjoying it with my friends Marlboro Cigarettes, now I am Between you and him, it seems to be indifferent Parliament Cigarettes, there seems to be a gap... The night is getting deeper, I wake up from the memories, it seems that there is fear, but the intuition tells me that whenever the stars twink, I will remember the past Perhaps they are reminding me, don't forget them, learn to miss them, be grateful.
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