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onator in your hand
That year, I was eight years old and my brother was six years old. When we found out that there were many small fish in the creek, we were so excited that we could get up and down: Grandpa was sick in bed, didn't he like to drink fish soup? If we can get back the fish, it will not ruin the love of Grandpa. We said that we should do it and block the fish with a ditch. Then we use the washbasin to catch the water until the fish have nowhere to escape. Despite this Marlboro Red, we did not wait for us to leave, and there were fish rushing out of the water. What should I do? Some fish are always hidden in the mud or stone. Asked the companion, he said, fried with a detonator, the fish is all over. That day, he gave me five detonators. Because the wind was too big, there was no match Cheap Cigarettes, and we had to give up temporarily. When I got home, I yelled at my mother, and my grandfather didn��t want to drink soup. The mother was a glimpse first, then she smiled. "Well, how many, I brought it to you to see if I took the mother's words seriously, and happily handed the detonator to her hands. When the mother finally confirmed that I did not have the detonator. After that, she took me to the vicinity and threw the detonator directly into the winter paddy field. I was so angry that I burst into tears and screamed. My mother was next to my hand and cried. "Well, you give Grandpa is right in the fish, but you know, take the detonator in your hand, that is your life at any time! "Seeing the mother's tears, I think, the detonator may not really be a good detonator for me. We dare not use it again, but we are still increasing our interest in catching fish. Especially the father ploughing the paddy field." When we can always catch a large pot of fish, this makes our brothers very ecstatic, we want to get it, but my father is determined not to let us go down, saying that the water is too deep, the mud is too bad, we will fall in the field Into the mud. Can you think again, so many fish, can't you never finish it? We asked the father, the father couldn't help but laugh: silly son, these fish are all reservoirs, water, rivers, Into the field did not run away, do you think it is born? Oh, it is so. So, we especially hope that the rain will fall, see the water in the mountains sloping, the water in the river keeps rising until it is submerged When we were in Changxi, we would be as excited as the festival, especially happy. As for the sighs of the fathers, I was so awkward because of their big family, never asked. I care only small Carton Of Cigarettes. Creek, and the creek after the rain, fish No, I think, as long as there are fish and fish in the creek, we grabbed it back, and Grandpa��s illness will be better. Once, I can catch the fish, but suddenly it rains and the weather is also good. It h
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