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The gloomy weather
The gloomy weather of the day was brewing, and the night snow came, and the fine snow fluttered. The dazzling incandescent lamp suddenly went out when it was excited. For the cold weather, the electricity consumption is large, and the transformer to be replaced is seriously overloaded, so the whole village is in a darkness. The grandmother who was busy in the kitchen said "scared" and then groped for the kerosene lamp that had been put in the corner for a long time. I ran into the hall and accurately took a red candle that was not used up during the Spring Festival last year. I just saw it in the back room. The grandfather of the TV turned into the kitchen with a flashlight. There is a feeling that suddenly arrives at the chest, but it cannot be expressed accurately and emotionally. With the swaying candlelight, I saw the snow drifting to the kitchen door, one by one, layer by layer, soaking the doorway. It��s too late to melt, it��s starting to pile up, like a hug with no gaps, letting the Buddha say that we will be together. Snow, falling down, continuous, continuous. This one is full of surprises and excitement, because the snow is stirring, withdrawing from the distant long-lost complex. When it snows, it is also the time when the holiday is coming Marlboro Cigarettes. In the holidays, the days when the door is closed, it is necessary to actively work out the winter vacation. This kind of practice often becomes the commotion of the capital at the end of the holiday. It ends the winter vacation homework and reduces the supervision of the parents. The snow outside is a happy camp, but after a crazy happiness, I always see it. The snow that has spread everywhere has become quiet, filled with ambiguity, silently going home, standing at the door of the kitchen, seeing them, or steaming out the Chinese New Year��s head, or preparing more fish than usual. Meat and vegetables are for the New Year and for the New Year. New Year, I am in the early spring of the year after the Spring Festival Parliament Cigarettes, I was awakened by a short, long firecracker, woke up and did not know what I had done, has been sent to the door of the New Year. New clothes, lucky money, after dinner, after the end of the year, with the increase of age, some left, and some become a form that does not have much meaning. The New Year is gradually becoming boring. When it snows. Warm bed is the best miss. Memories are also the easiest to come in in the warm silence, like a film movie. Think of those who love me, what I love; those who meet, who are not seen, become as long as the past, let me rejoice or worry when it snows, in the night, when I go to sleep, dream tomorrow The world is full of white hair, and this scene is the same as the spring rain Marlboro Red, so I can't stop flowing a lot of unclear tears.
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