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the six legs that are
the six legs that are tied together are also flush. Stretching to the back of the body, only the oily rapeseed oil has a strong aroma on them Marlboro Gold. Mother said that she could eat, and our sisters looked at the more ugly waters and dared not to take them with their hands. Mother picked up one and chewed it in her mouth. As a boss, I tried to put a leeches in my mouth. First, I took a bite, and the fresh scent immersed in my throat. So, I chewed a few times and swallowed the leeches all over my stomach. Reaching out to the bowl to catch; at this time, the four little hands are not hesitating, they rushed into the bowl, and soon ate the leeches. At this time, the mother stood next to us, and decided to watch our three sisters gorging, until we had a mouthful of oil, and the mother came over a lot of warm water, let us drink one by one, the face of the mother. There is also a satisfactory smile on it. What is delicious? At that time, this ugly water had a daughter in the late 1980s. I worked in the city. My wife took the children to farm in the countryside. The family had a hard time. The wife is very hard to eat but is also very strong. I remember that at that time, my parents separated our brothers. I divided a single house and five rooms. There were two rooms in the five rooms that did not have a roof. The three roofs that covered the roof also always leaked rain Newport 100S. The wife was bent on removing the house. The days at home have become more tight. When my wife didn't marry me, she also worked in the city. She only returned to the countryside with her children. In fact, she does not understand the work in the field. But she knows how to use her heart to see how people grow her, and there is a bit of life. If she goes to the crop field, if the farm work in the crop field can't be done for a long time, she will pick some tomatoes from her own land Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Fill the vegetables with eggplants, and then don't go home all day until the farm work in the crop fields is finished. In the harvest season, my wife's hard work has made my family's income more than others. Especially the peanuts planted by the wife, not only the harvest is good to sell more money, the pile of well-balanced peanuts that come out, but also let a lot of peanuts of the hands of the experts are amazed. She still raises chicken at home and illuminates the chicken nest with a light bulb at night Wholesale Cigarettes, which is said to allow the hen to lay more eggs. But no matter how many eggs the old hen has, she is reluctant to let me and my child eat one, mostly to change money. I remember that my wife heard that the egg under the cock's old hen was more valuable. She went to the market to buy a big cock and took it home. At that time, I was also very frugal. Every time I cook in the unit, I wait until everyone else has finished playing. Then, the delicious and expensive dishes are sold out. I can only buy the cheapest food, which saves money and preserves my face. . I remember that the organization organized to travel, to cover everyone's transportation expenses and attractions tickets, but regardless of the meal, I hesitated again and again, and finally did not go, because I only have 20 yuan left in my pocket, gave my wife 10 yuan, left The next ten yuan is for me to eat in the unit. That day is probably my birthday. My wife is very special. At noon, I went to the ground and pulled out a ridge of celery that she had planted. I washed the eggs first The eggs were painted like yellow and yellowed, then celery. Use boiled water to simmer, the celery is tender and tender green, the two are paired together, yellow yellow, green green, good-looking and delicious, I ate a half-pot on the hoe. Howling is "delicious"? At that time, my wife fired this dish of celery and scrambled eggs. It was "delicious" in the "delicious" memory. There were many, many, a few days ago, I bought a few rough nests in the supermarket, and it was hot when cooking, wife and daughter. Just come with me to grab, maybe this wolf head has become "delicious" in the eyes of many people. It��s been a long time since the dust has been opened. The ��delicious�� in the memory is vivid, such as the simmered noodles of the sweet potato noodles, the wolf leaves of the eucalyptus leaves and the cornmeal, the ��turned cake�� of the cornmeal and so on. Some of the "delicious" in these memories have disappeared in the changes of the times, and some have become the toon of the nostalgic dinner table, but no matter how the times change, this "delicious" is engraved with the brand of the times, which is branded by people. Different, on the road of life that is sour and sweet, writing different tastes.

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