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in Biao said, I think the
Lin Biao said, I think the girls are getting worse and worse, and the cats are good. I felt that the girl did not have a good or bad point in a flash, not to mention the average life expectancy of the cat was only a dozen years, and how many cats were sent away in the first year of life Carton Of Cigarettes. The reason why Lin Biao came to such a conclusion is of course his reason. He said that people are really less and less pure. When I mentioned the pure word, I borrowed some doubts from myself recently and asked him if he believed that human nature is good. Lin Biao gave me a good answer. People have compassion, but people are self-interested, pity. The heart is called good, and self-interest is called evil. In my mind, I suddenly remembered the fable story about the farmer and the snake when I was a child Cigarettes Online. The farmer had pity for the frozen snake, so he put it in his arms to warm it, but the little beast was bitten without any red. The farmer fled, and the farmer died. Baidu Encyclopedia is strikingly written, the fable of the farmer and the snake tells us that the fox will also cry, and the tiger will also have a time when it is difficult, so we should not have mercy on evil things, otherwise it will hurt ourselves, but we are good. Don't hesitate to extend our helping hand. The farmer lost his life because of his goodness. The snake was permanently detained with an evil hat because of self-interest. As a result, the words "good and good to report evil and bad news" seem to be unable to withstand scrutiny. Lin Biao said that this must be specific to an incident and cannot be concluded. In the view of the two polarizations of Scorpio, the world is black and white. Human beings are not good or evil. They often make black and white judgments of good and evil because of the change of events Marlboro Red. When there are often disagreements, they will I am caught in a canyon of self-arguing self-contradiction. This is a little bit of awakening to me. Because I am convinced that the nature is good, so I feel that there is no mistake in biting the snake that the farmer fled for self-interest, and at most it is a mistake. Because in the laws of nature, in those beautiful fairy tales, there has never been a thing about the harmonious coexistence of humans and snakes. Snakes can only be regarded as demon, never to be a god in the elegant hall, so from the perspective of snakes Said, but it is a wise move out of self-preparation. I told Lin Biao, you are just the farmer with compassion. She is the little snake Lin Biao said, biting me, fleeing, why are you coming back? If you really need a reason, I think it is because of nature. All species have fears of loneliness. In most cases, the bridges of the farmer and the snake are in the bridge. The heroism of the boys will always be quietly slipped by the girls, and the thin back is impressed, so they have the pity to protect her and become her dependence. For example, Fang Fang. Girls who are passive or not mature are often skeptical because of this temporary negligence, and they love superstition and constellation theory. They are confused by the theory, and they start to bite people when the diagnosis results are not satisfactory. After the bite is finished, the tail flees. Or when the story develops to a certain point, the role of the farmer and the snake begins to change. The kind girls are usually moved by the men around them to reveal the qualities of the little boy, simple, pure, and not guarded against her. The motherhood of the girls is full of brilliance, and the little boy is carefully held, like the baby who gave birth. But this little boy is not always there. He is mischievous. Sometimes he is so stubborn. This stubbornness is the bite of the girl who bites the girl. After the biting, he hurries to the end. For example, Ma Xiaojun. I heard that in the "Why are you silent", it is very good to be silent, but why is it that you are not moving, and you are silently going to a distant country Newport Cigarettes Coupons, why is it like crazy to miss the silent life, so After she returned to China, she was doubled to her, for fear that she would slip away from him. Some people say that this is a concept of "debt" in order to pay off debts. Also previously owed a debt of silence. Kind children will always be like this. When they are together, they will be good at people. It is not forever. In order to let the other party give up their apologies and debts, we must owe each other, or else Huai Meng? I think the farmer will naturally die because of the little beast. The mistaken little beast will carry the debt to the farmer after he wakes up in the coming day Parliament Cigarettes. Faye Wong is not still singing: If the past is worthy of being attached, don��t be too quick to release the suspicion. Of course, in turn, the suspicion of escaping is often a complete past, and it is disdain to mention that there is such an "ex-" form. Wang Hao wrote that animals are ferocious. On sunny days, the desires are exposed everywhere, and a group of people who are arranged for fate are stubborn. Juveniles, thick time pleats help them hide dirt, scouring a sleek look, deep in the scars that grow during the transformation of farmers and snakes.
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