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In the past, many c
In the past, many college students, or some young people, said that they were confused, their own confusion, their own difficulties, and we often gave the conclusion that you think too much and do too little. What such a person lacks is only action. If the idea is put into action, it will inevitably be divided into the first kind if the idea is put into action, and the point where the idea is not acted upon. For the second person, there must be a third person, that is, the person I am going to say today, not only can��t do it, but also can��t do what I can��t do, if I want to be sure In the view of personal opinion Cheap Cigarettes, the third person is not even as good as the second person. The second person can at least see the contribution of others, thinking that he will always take that step, and the third person will only live in his own worldview. Always think that those are very simple, just don't want to do it. If you want to be sure that they are better than they are doing, first of all, let's learn, the scene we are most familiar with, see PartA Xiaoming is a general university. Health, in the student days of the freshman year, all day is to soak the computer, play games, and often go to bed at night, and live the days of good luck. Soon after the end of the exam, hanging a few subjects, the freshman passed, When the roommate saw him like this, he would kindly remind him: Xiao Ming, you play less games, and you have a few books. You can��t finish the business carefully. Xiao Ming is very unhappy. I don��t want to learn well. If I want to learn, I still want to learn. Worse than you? (There is another kind of comparison. If I study other majors, I will definitely learn better. Day after day, year after year, I finally ushered in graduation. When the students have found suitable jobs one after another, only Xiao Ming was rejected again and again, and then the distance between the classmates and the classmates was getting bigger and bigger! Then take the work, the scene we are most familiar with, see PartB Xiaohong just graduated to a new company, confident she is doing things. It is also full of strength, but many things are not done in detail, so the company's boss asked her to talk to the boss: Xiaohong, how do you have a decimal point in this report? How do you have a watermark on this PPT? How is your word empty? The big blank Xiaohong: Nothing to pull, those are small things, I know those, I just don��t want to go back and change it. (Compared, why is he my supervisor, if I want to do it, it is definitely better than him. He is not as good as me in so many places! The boss said: Do you know that this is very serious Marlboro Gold, if you have such a mistake next time, you can not use it for a young and flamboyant little red heart, don��t come Come, if I want to do it, I can't do it. I just don't want to go to a company every time. I always can't forget this problem. Every time I do a lot of work at a fast speed, but the details are flawed. Colleagues who entered the company lately got promoted and raised salary. Only she still thinks like this. I just don��t want to do it. Who can��t do this little thing? Finally, let��s talk about people who are not in your life. When it comes to entrepreneurship, everyone who has walked through the road of entrepreneurship understands that this road is very difficult, but often many people do not know the bitterness of it, and they will cover themselves: I don��t want to start a business. If I want to start a business, it��s definitely better than you. Do a good job! (Many brainwashing soup online, join us, as long as you want to start a business, I will take you to success, more or less affection for us after 90 Cigarettes For Sale, but in the end some people will shut down such brainwashing, And I hung my forehead, not that I can't start a business, but I don't want to. We often write articles, and when we write, we will show it to different people. We will also receive different comments, and there are many: Ah, I haven't written it yet; I wrote it so much that I dare to show it to people Marlboro Lights. If I write better than you; then I can still publish books, then I can do it, and so on. TV dramas, dramas, singing, performances, etc. You will meet many people like this, and then righteously said: If I want to, I will definitely do more than you, but those who are being commented by you, are being step by step. The more frustrating and brave, the only you will live in the ideal world forever, too arrogant, respect those who have ideas and persist, and learn their spirits; be the ones who lead those who have ideas but worry about doing badly; People who could not do it, but arrogant!
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