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I haven��t had
I haven��t had a good feeling yet. Hey, the reading career is coming to an end and I have thought about it. If I leave here, I will not be a bit sad. In fact, there is no mourning, no reluctance, more thoughts, and the twists and turns are bizarre. I am afraid that I have come back and I feel incredible. There are also friends, classmates, and teachers Marlboro Gold, but after all, they are just the people who met on the road, gathering sometimes and reuniting without a day. I am a fun and unhappy person. I am not suitable to smash the fragments of the soul in the downtown area to pay homage to all my past. In my heart, it will hurt, hurt, and bleed. Life is like a fool-like camera, recording the reciprocating black and white, the image is spent, and the memory is gray. Sometimes, sitting on a master's chair, daze, meditate. A sit is to reveal the Xialai from the morning to the horizon, quiet and beautiful. Pain, unable to share; happy, enjoy alone. Never think that it is a person's extreme loneliness, but each person's spiritual eternal difference, this is an unbreakable law. Life is always a bit monotonous and infinitely decreasing. Born, it is life, helpless, can not be rogue, boring can not be unpredictable, always say goodbye, goodbye, no longer see. "I know that the world is not absolutely good. I also know that it has parting and aging," a poet once said. In this world that is not absolutely good, the beauty often stays in the world for a short time. As I discovered yesterday, I have planted a long time and the cloves have come to an end. Watching its small petals have been curled up together, a look of languidness, my heart does not have some sadness, think of its splendid prosperity. When a flower blooms, a single one is pressed Newport Cigarettes, and the dense one is like the old flower worn by the girl Parliament Cigarettes. The purple and petite petals are vibrant, showing a arrogant arrogance and a subtle fragrance. With the occlusion of the surrounding tree shadows and the mottled spots that are projected onto the soil through the tree sews, there is a taste of ��the winding path��. Today, she has lost her former prosperity. A cluster of withered flowers, it looks extraordinarily glaring, like the bones of Sensen scattered around, people can not bear to look straight. The breeze was sloppy, and I saw flowers under the rain. I intended to avoid it, but I saw that they did not show a trace of desolateness, but only danced with the wind. Some floated into the river, with the flowing water running farther into the distance; some flew to the road, adding some natural flavor to the original hard cement road; some drifted to the farther places with the wind. So, I remembered the question of asking my father when I was young: Why can't flowers always open? Father just said: They also have to go to the distance to see, want more people to appreciate its beauty! At that time Carton Of Cigarettes, I seemed to understand and understand, but I was confused: Why can't flowers always open? Today, many years later, I just feel sorry. I regret my cloves, and I regret the world��s fascinating beauty. But I can't always be optimistic about Gong Zizhen, and I can't do the elegance of Bai Juyi. Maybe I am only suitable for the idea of ??"nothing to spend"! There is no doubt that I am selfish, selfish and hope that all good things will last forever, I hope that flowers will always open.
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