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The wind in July slowly blew
The wind in July slowly blew, and the slightest thoughts drifted into the air. On that day, when you pushed the door open Cheapest Cigarette Cartons, you found that you changed. You are no longer the worry-free boy. And if your sentence is counted, does it mean that you have forgotten the time when we are greedy, and it may inevitably make people feel sorry Cigarette Wholesale Prices. When you are one year old, you are an ignorant young child. You don't need to know too much Marlboro Cigarettes Wholesale. At the age of ten, you are an innocent and imaginative child. You always dream of becoming what you want to be. One year old, you are full of vigor and dreams. Young people, hope to realize their own life value. At the age of 30, you are an adult who has a steady career and a life. I hope to provide a best life for myself and my family. You are an important pillar of the family at the age of forty Cheap Newport 100. You are a father, I hope that the child will make you proud in the future. At the age of 50, you are an old man who has lost his enthusiasm. You want your parents to be safe with the world and not want them to grow old. After the age of sixty? When you arrive at the time of this time, what you think about is no longer what you thought before, because time does not belong to you, and you are not qualified to ask so much, the vicissitudes of life, the changes of the world, There is no need to compete for contention. We never thought about what we are looking for at every stage of the decade. We can have a few decades in life, how many people will meet in ten years, ten years of exhaustion, and how many people are laughing. Some old people missed a lot of scenery, how many regrets left, we walked on the road of life but did not look down at the footprints you walked down, maybe we are no longer young, but don't forget why we walked for so long, why? For the dream that is out of reach, or to let yourself live free, in order to get rid of these shackles, no longer work hard for money. Maybe we no longer miss those who used to be, maybe we are not with us, maybe we are not too I don't want to face these hollows, but those beautiful things sometimes make people sweet and heart-wrenching Newports 100S Price. We hide our own loss and pain, because we know that no one wants to feel the same with you, let us wrap our minds against the wind. OK, please ask you to go slower in July, let those who miss and never meet leave some regrets, because I am afraid that if I don��t pay attention, you will disappear at this time. Reith wives, and read enemy, I hope July is willing well.

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