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Spreading the letter
Spreading the letter Cheap Cigarette, the letter that has not been written for many years, this moment Marlboro Gold Cigarettes, combined with the night wind of Zhangzhou, faintly fainted. In this life, how strong it is, in order to remember the low level of clouds, the world and the sky are painted into two worlds. The sun that was not seen for more than a month came through the body at the moment of waking up. Stretching the body, fully absorbing the warmth, from the body to the soul, but also full of temperature to reach out, want to take the ginkgo leaf that swayed and fell in the wind, did not catch the speed of the wind, fell down. Bend it down, pick it up, gently squatting between the fingers, rubbing through every line, maybe, that is the look of the reincarnation. Looking up, open your arms and face the sun: I hope, we are all turned to the corner of the street, and there is a hint of grassy taste. Already in the early winter, the vegetation is withered, just like the body of this moment, it seems to have no life. However, it was attracted by the inexplicable grass scent, and it was also step by step. I found the turf in the garden and just trimmed it. Close your eyes, deep breathing, from the depths of the soul, such a meeting, must be happy, long-lost grass is also sentimental, a flower, always be shackled, they will soon die haha, you are It��s not a nerd. "It��s not that it��s a lifetime, it��s simple and pure. It��s just a simple woman in the sea. Whoever meets is the best. Who can be around, who is there? It��s already the fate of fate. I don��t think about the past, I don��t care about the dream that I have been chanting for a long time, not far away, step by step, it��s getting closer and closer to this world, how strong it is, so I can��t forget To your message, see your similar back, see the similar soul, always can not help to get close. Is it too cold, see the warm man, simple and simple, smile is warm The heart will be slowed down and the half-beat can be close. The obsession in the world, the stacking and persistence of the stars, the original, the darkness of the heart is so much, so thorough, like a little bit of bone in the cold winter It��s cold, when it��s going to die, a warm sun is in your arms. Do you want to resist it? Or refuse it? Or are you afraid? But it��s so greedy, so eager, so cautiously turning around the corner, to the park On the shore of the small lake, look up and see the pure and distant, the open lake, the cool breeze blowing, the silk across the body, across the grass, across the years. It is ridiculous in the stream, changing in the seasons The color is tightly wrapped in the wrap angle, looking up, facing the sky, you can see behind the layers of gray clouds, there is snow white, there is a lot of cleanliness. Where do we put ourselves, what to give I will meet each other before I can meet each other. Only then can I get rid of the alcohol under the negative gas, and hoard it in my stomach Newports 100S. I will spit in the sweat every night, my chest seems to be torn, how to force, do not press Do you still have the pain that spreads out next time? I dare to have some predecessors in the next time, and confirm whether it is worthwhile, but the completion of that moment, to this day, has become the self of this moment. More, suffering this broken body. Every time, Every time, the soul's misfortunes are all in the body. Every time, every time, with tacit understanding Wholesale Cigarettes Online, but also pain together. After all, the soul is fragile, not able to withstand loneliness, grab the body to accompany you, share some pain This time, I saw those sporadic fragments, still remembered, or remembered, I thought that you will never see you again, already in the memory. How many streams are passing away, after years, tea, a bitter wine A cup of hurricane, the moon is far away, the pain in my heart is still there. For you, the original still has a trace of the heart that is unwilling to be strong, can you be in the red dust, remember not to see your similar back, will In the bottom of my heart, I was flustered. I looked at the direction in obscurity, until I couldn��t see the twilight. I was guarding this shivering winter snow. I couldn��t reach it. It��s gone far, this life, with fate. And arrived to pay back the new page of the book, the ginkgo leaf buried in the depths of the page, has been dry, has died. Carefully guarded, worried about her fragile heart, slightly touched Touch, it is the body Bone this life, goodbye, or never seen, are better mountain turn water covering a ride a ride Marlboro Cigarettes Website, just to meet and parting are good, in the dust of the phrase says goodbye, it turned out to be never seen. However, it is good to miss the past in the mountains. If there are blue light scrolls, it will be the ultimate day and night. It is already clear that the goodness of this life is gray and calm, and finally it is missing. That peace. From this world's color, there is no wave, no longer stubborn to stay in the world, still looking for the answer to the life, how strong, in order to remember, only live.

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