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It is a kind of disappointment to leav
It is a kind of disappointment to leave my alma mater. I believe that everyone has such an experience, right? It��s the alma mater��s care, I care about me, and raise my ignorant teenager into a young alumnus who is advancing for the dream. I��m saying it from the heart of the team; ��Thank you!��n't forget the windy and sunny morning. Our class and the sixth grade had a unique tug-of-war competition. We were disappointed in the absence of the teacher. We clenched our teeth and pulled the tug of war. "One, two, three! Come on! Come on!" Suddenly we Victory! The teacher smiled a starry night. We were very happy with the teachers in the classroom. Because the day is tomorrow, New Year's Day, the students are eager to arrange this beautiful classroom. A long time went by, we should go upstairs to sleep Cheap Marlboro Gold Cigarettes. what! My alma mater, I love you! thank you! Everything I did for me, I am leaving soon after a few days, but I still want to give up, my alma mater wish you all the help of all the teachers and students! This book tells us about the traditional virtues of the Chinese nation: filial piety, loyalty, loyalty, faith, rites, righteousness, honesty, shame--a compilation of the story of the "Bude". These stories are thought-provoking and unforgettable after reading. For example, in the book, "Speaking of Tricks and Dirty": "Oh Wholesale Usa Cigarettes, let's give up the official, swear and fight, and taste the cold." When the county magistrate ordered, because the father was sick, he abandoned the official and did not do it. He pleaded with the Big Dipper every day to ask his father to be ill, and went home to serve his father, but his father��s illness did not improve Cheap Marlboro 100S Cigarettes. After he had tasted his father��s stool. He knows that his father is very ill and his heart is very painful... Another example is "Dong Yongjiao": "Dong Yongjia is poor, selling his own funeral, confessing fairy, woven and finished." Dong Yongjia is very poor, and he sells his own money Marlboro Red Shorts Carton. The parents, moved to heaven, arranged for the fairy to marry him to weave him. These stories are still very educational and meaningful today. to help us understand some of the classical Chinese words and phrases in the book, this book also annotates the "Bude" of filial piety, loyalty, and loyalty. Such as: filial piety: Baishan filial piety is the first. "The body is skinned, by the parents, not afraid to destroy, the beginning of filial piety" and so on.ncestors long believed that education should be based on morality. The story in this book is worth reading and learning. Gorky once said: "Books are the ladder of human progress." The book "The Key to Enlighten the Mind" is the best step for us to grow.adays, schools and parents are increasingly demanding our study. The book "Key to Enlighten the Mind" is a good carrier for us to "read a good book Cheap Discount Cigarettes Free Shipping, read a good book, and read a good book."

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