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The trip to the sea two years
The trip to the sea two years ago left a deep impression on me, the dazzling blue water, the endless white sand beach Buy Cigarettes Marlboro, the faint salty taste - deeply imprinted in my memory. So when the exam was over, I went to the beach with my teacher and my partner.buying the tickets, we couldn��t wait to run to the beach. I took off my shoes and ran on the beach quickly. I just ran for a while, and I felt my feet were burnt by the sand, and I stepped on the beach. Like stepping on a red iron pot, I speeded up and ran towards the waves. The cool sea water took all the heat from me all at once. I and a few friends smashed the water, and we poured water on each other and enjoyed this rare cool. When he was having fun, a little friend suddenly shouted: "You look at it, what is it? Isn't it a fish?" I took a closer look, the waves not far away were rolling a white thing, We are here quickly. Then, a white plastic bag floated under our feet. The little friend picked up the white plastic bag and looked carefully Newport Coupons For Cartons. "How can there be such a white plastic bag on the beach?" asked a small partner. The teacher looked at the plastic bag and said for a moment of silence: "This may be left by tourists who are going to the beach." "Does they not know, will this cause pollution to the sea?" asked the small partner Cartons Of Newport Cigarettes. The teacher did not speak. After a while, the teacher took us to play a small game "matching garbage Marlboro Regular Cigarettes." The friends can be active and no one wants to lose to anyone. Everyone searches for the shadow of garbage on the beach. Soon, each of us has picked up a pile of garbage. But everyone looked at their own labor results, but they were not happy. "Be careful, don't soak in the sea for too long. Now the sea is not as clean as before. I heard that they have drained the water from the tourists' showers back to the sea, so the water is now polluted." Another companion who is soaking in the sea says. I stood on the beach and looked at the gray, chaotic sea. The turbid waves that stood in front of me were like roaring wild horses that had broken the reins. The blue sky seemed to be far apart. Now, I asked myself, is this the sea in my memory? Is this the dazzling blue sea I saw two years ago? Look again, we are piled up like a hill of rubbish, everyone is silent. "I got a lot of plastic bags, plastic bottles, pants, and a dead fish over there -" a small partner ran over and said to us in a panting breath. I couldn't help but think of it. Just now, some tourists took their leftover snacks and threw them everywhere. The clean and beautiful beaches were gradually replaced by tourists' lunch boxes, plastic bags and plastic bottles. The sea I have imagined has become unrecognizable, and humans have left the sea with a pain that cannot be healed.nt years, with the development of tourism, the seaside resort tourism area has brought huge economic benefits to the coastal residents. However, the pollution of the ocean is also becoming more and more serious Order Newport Cigarettes. I don��t know if the adults know that there is no perfect management. The system, the concept of environmental protection, and the pursuit of the greatest economic benefits, then we will lose the beautiful sea. I sincerely hope that human beings will wake up as soon as possible, no longer destroy the environment and make up for the destruction of nature. Let the beautiful sea come back before the sea has become more smoky!

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