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One day during the summer v
One day during the summer vacation, my mother and cousin took a bus to Maoming. After five hours of running, I finally arrived in Dianbai County. I really want to go to China's first beach right away!t off the bus and I was waiting for us at the station. Rested for one night, the next day, I took us to the first beach in China. When I arrived at the first beach in China, I saw the "China's first beach" engraved on a large stone not far from the beach. Walking on the beach, feet on the fine, warm sand, feel very comfortable, just like doing a foot massage. changing my swimming trunks, I couldn't wait to rush into the embrace of the sea. There are many people on the sea, and many people stand together like a wall, blocking the progress of the sea Usa Cigarettes Online Free Shipping. Looking into the distance, Tianhehai seems to be connected. In the vicinity, the waves are followed by a wave, and the splashes of the waves are shining in the sunlight, beautiful and beautiful! Walking and walking, suddenly a painful feeling spread all over my soles, I lifted my foot, lowered my head, and fixed my eyes, it turned out to be a small conch. We took the bag and licked many beautiful shells and conch Newport 100S Carton gradually darkened. After we got on the shore and changed clothes, we went home by car.a's first beach, you are so beautiful! Summer vacation is naturally the happiest day for students Cheap Marlboro 100'S Cigarettes Online. However, the adults are distressed. These three hot weather, to go to work, and to take care of the group of small children, will inevitably be restless.d as a house girl! I usually don't like to go out, I always stay at home. My mother said that I am a pig, and I take up everything that I eat, drink, pull, scatter, and sleep. I was fine at home, so I watched the summer, and suddenly I felt that summer was not so annoying Cheap Cigarettes Usa Free Shipping.wind smashed the spring with water sleeves, and with a pen, a passionate summer girl was born. The summer girl came to the world, she made the saplings feel warm, let people experience her passionate actually has a rich expression, this is not, it is coming. Sitting at home is playing games at the climax, suddenly a distant thunder, breaking the original world of peace. My mother is a hot temper, and I ran from the kitchen to the computer. I didn��t say anything about it. God, my game dreams are broken! On a rainy day, I picked up the book I hadn't picked up for a long time and looked at it Buy Newport Online. Although my eyes are staring at the book, my heart has already flown into the game, thinking about how to pass faster! This unlucky thunderstorm. not happy on such a rainy day, but other people may complain or be happy. At this time, the peasant uncle was overjoyed. You said that the paddy field that had been so dry for a long time has finally had the nourishment of the rain, and the expectations of the peasant uncleer is so strange, how can it be happy for a while, and people complain about it for a while? I don't know, I should thank nature for giving it! However, it is the summer that makes us feel four kinds of fun in a year!

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