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I am a primary school
I am a primary school student on earth and I am looking forward to the alien planet. So when you receive this letter, be sure to give me a letter seriously! There must be a colorful story behind your aliens!you know why Pharaoh is extinct? Do you know the secrets of the sky garden? Do you know the richness of the universe? Do you know how to cure the Earth's climate warming? Do you know that the spacecraft like you on ancient graphics is your ancestors? Have you painted a masterpiece in our wheat field? Have you seen our newly launched Tiangong No Cigarettes Sales.1? Have you met with us? Have you documented the history of our China's glory? What do you look like? Do you want to go to school? What is your IQ? Do you have fun products? What is the history of your alien planet? Are you willing to make friends with upe that your careful aliens will answer my questions. In any case, we are very friendly and willing to make friends with you. So when you see human astronauts coming to your doorstep Newport 100S Carton Price, don't hesitate, come out and make friends with the astronauts. We humans welcome you to visit the aliens! don't have to worry about the climate and environment of the earth. Australia on our planet has the same land structure as the figure. The sea on our planet and Uranus have a similar climate. We have simulated many of your geological structures. Our satellites have detected the climate and surface of many planets. You are completely You can live on the earth for a long time. How do you know how friendly our planet is?the way, the scenery of the earth is very good! There are many ancient buildings in China. It has a majestic Great Wall, a magnificent Forbidden City, a majestic Temple of Heaven, and a magnificent and magnificent Forbidden City. I can recommend you to Dubai in foreign countries, because it is very cheap to go there now to buy a house. You can also go to the desert and turn around and think of a good way to make it an oasis. Think of it, there is the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe! Parthenon and the Colosseum! These are all quite famous! If you want to relax Buy Wholesale Cigarettes, Taiwan and France are perfect for you! If you want to look at our technology, I am a bit unwilling, but I still recommend you to the United States. If you are not well received by ET fans, you will be sent a lot of "Apple" products! Don't think of it as a delicious fruit on the earth. If you want to eat, I can send you back, but this apple is the hottest electronic product in the world! But you have to pay attention to it. Somalia, Libya, Israel, or whatever, don��t go. Although your alien technology should be strong, you��ve just been bombarded by mines, but don��t be in various media interviews. Said that we are too enthusiastic. one more thing, what do your aliens look like... blue skin and green eyes? Have cat ears like avatar? Then I like you more! Or green skin tip head? When you come to Earth, you will definitely cause a lot of sensation. When you go to the book city, don��t ask me why my photo is on the cover Carton Of Newports 100, but I don��t know when it was taken. I was telling you that the paparazzi was What, the "history" is too long. But no matter what your aliens look like, everyone on earth will welcome you! Just remember not to buy a villa that is too beautiful in China. Don't say that I have not reminded you that some villas in China are butofoil projects. What are you asking me? It is a house that can only live for 10 years and 20 years Free Carton Of Newports, or there is a crack before the life is reached. So when you buy a house, you still have to supervise and supervise yourself!g the thoughts of me alone, I know how many people from the earth welcome you! We want to make friends with you, travel to your country, and let you experience the magic of

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