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On the second day, Wu Wang
On the second day, Wu Wang immediately announced that "the attack on the Chu State was suspended." The ministers were shocked and talked. Wu Wang glanced at the group of ministers and smiled and said: "Things are like this. - Well Newport Carton, this king wants to ask the public to ask a question. All the lovers can answer it truthfully." Situ was busy and said: "The minister knows Nothing is said, there is nothing in it." "Well, then the king asked the people to love Qing, what do you think about the king's attack on the Chu State?" "A discussion in front of the temple, I do not know if anyone has the same thoughts as the king?" Wu Wangning the country, the old minister thought that the matter of Chu was a good policy. Please ask the king of the country to think carefully. The Tang Yushi of the court of the investigation said that the king, the minister, and so on, that the attack on the Chu State should be suspended. I should focus on attack prevention and should noty. Don't quarrel any more, don't you know if Ai Qing will be willing to accompany the king to the back garden?"ng took the courtiers under the tree and looked up. The minister also followed the king of Wu to look up. After a while, cockroaches, cockroaches, and oriole appeared. ministers looked and watchedally understood the meaning of Wu Wang, and said in unison: "The cockroach catches the cockroach, the oriole is in the back. All three are willing to get their former benefits, regardless of the subsequent problems." The hometown is located in the south, the grass fades Slowly, the changes in the four seasons are not so obvious. Autumn is as late as usual, no appointments, quietly came to us. Speaking of the feeling of autumn, I can't help but think of the days when I was a child in my grandmother's house. I still remember the field in front of the door, the golden wheat waves rising and falling in the autumn wind, heavy wheat. Sui �� singed the song of harvest. After a long autumn rain Carton Of Newports Price, I walked with a few friends in the fruit forest on the hill behind the grandmother's house. It makes people feel very comfortable. We happily ran in the fruit forest, the game picked the fruit, piled up the leaves and baked sweet potatoes... The mountains echoed our happy laughter. Perhaps it was because of thatay, I still like a person walking in the drizzle of autumn, pursuing the footprints of autumn, the pattered autumn rain is like an elf quietly coming to the world Buy Newports Online, her thin, long body, Unhurriedly rushing to the ground, you see, she floats on the water, and a small circle of ripples on the water; she falls on the yellow leaves, the leaves are at her invitation, and her Dancing, a piece fluttered into the arms of the earth; she fell to the field, teasing the rice smile, and sorghum blushing, and the corn grinned; she came to the fruit forest and attracted the red apple. When the green leaves were opened, the yellow pears looked up and looked out, and the purple grapes were hiding in the scaffolding and secretly watching her Newport Cigarettes Online. "Oh--" She is free and free to fill the worldternoon, hiding under the tree and feeling the joy of falling leaves in the autumn wind. The leaves leave the mother. They dance happily in the forest with the autumn wind, and use their last power to interpret the most in life. A wonderful scene. The yellow leaves make me deeply understand the artistic conception of "turning into spring little white chrysanthemums like the first snow cover, the yellow chrysanthemums are silently open, the east one, the west one The little wild chrysanthemums, opened in the autumn wind Newport Cigarette, are simple and elegantly decorated on both sides of the path, neither public nor too low-key. In the glow of the setting sun, I enjoyed the peace and quiet that the autumn brought to me.

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