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If I am a seven-color flower
If I am a seven-color flower, I will go to the human world, take off a red flower petal, and let the people who are suffering from the disease immediately recover health and stay away from pain. were a seven-color flower, I would go to the poor country, take off an orange flower petal, and make a lot of clothes and food for them, let the poor people eat and drink Cigarettes Wholesale, and no longer starve.I am a seven-color flower, I will take off a yellow flower petal and turn all the rubbish on the earth. I encourage everyone to protect the environment and let our planet no longer cry and no pollution am a seven-color flower, I will take off a green petal and plant many green trees on the earth to block the wind and heavy rain, so that human life is no longer threatened, and at the same time make our planet more beautiful. were a seven-color flower, I would take a piece of blue-colored petals and make another well in the dry land Carton Of Newport Cigarettes, let the thirsty people drink the cool springs.e are two more petals, what do you want to achieve with them? Suddenly, I saw a little boy, he couldn��t walk, was sitting in a wheelchair crying Newport Cigarettes Types, maybe he was sad to jump up and jump! correct! Use this blue petal to restore wishes are too many, and the number is countless, but there is still the last petal. What should I do? I tilted my head and thought about it with my eyes open Newport 100 Carton. With that, let this last purple petal turn me into a new seven-color flower to realize more wishes!ple often use candles to describe teachers because teachers are26, I stood on the three-foot platform. Faced with a sweet smile, my heart could not help but be nervous. I have the courage to say: "Hello everyone, I am your language teacher, I hope everyone can become a close friend with me." In a class, I met "book fans", "game fans", "fans", "computers." The game 'master'" Cheap Online Cigarettes... Of course, there are also "super" naughty little "naughty bags" and "tears."��t know what to do, but I��ve already laid out the ��draft�� in my heart. In the second lesson, I said, ��Students, if you don��t understand what you are learning, I hope you can tell me a lot of questions. If I am wrong. What, please tell me." At this time, the little "tears" said: "Teacher, I... I... ����~~~~~" She cried when she hadn't finished. I am so helpless... I have to say: "What's wrong? Don't cry, say slowly." "I... my... language... book... can't s matter has finally been solved, but my heart is still uneasy. I think, in the class, if a student ran to ask me about my life's difficulties, I would treat it as my own thing and solve it! determined, I must be a teacher when I grow up! Contribute to the motherland and cultivate more national pillars!

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