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My hometown is located in Hengsh
My hometown is located in Hengshan, one of the Five Mountains. It is rich in natural resources. It is surrounded by Maolin bamboo. It is green all the year round, and it is beautiful at four o'clock. The natural scenery is very beautiful. The history and culture of the revolution are profound. There are the tombs of the Mao Zejian martyrs and the Kangwang Temple of the revolutionary sites that we admire. Not only that, but also unique local customs. Let me introduce them one by one!he past few years, the hometown has changed a lot, the roads have widened, and all of them have been paved with asphalt roads Marlboro Menthol 100S. The tall buildings are also built like soldiers standing on the edge of the city. People's living standards have improved, and they have all lived a well-off life. Rich in resources, the cloud tea here is listed as tribute tea in the Tang Dynasty. The tea records: tea out of the mountains, Shenghengshan see the valley, and high-quality citrus, high nuclear sugar content, high nutritional value. The Guanyin bamboo shoots here are also very famous. It is a kind of small bamboo shoots unearthed before and after the birthday of Guanyin, and the meat is tender and delicious. Everyone has a chance to try it.ide of the landscape raises one person. Hengshan's unique natural scenery and history have nurtured the unique customs and customs of Hengshan Cigarettes For Sale, such as: Yuebei folk songs, Futian shadow play and other unique traditional culture, showing the spirit of Hengshan people who love their hometown and love life.ei Mountain Song is a kind of singing art created by the people in Hengshan Yuebei area collectively in the long-term labor production and life Newport Cigarettes Website, which directly reflects the real life. It is a unique musical form by which the local people rely on lyricism, words and sympathy. In recent years, Hengshan County has deeply explored this artistic wonder, refined the theme, enriched its connotation, and promoted it in an all-round way, making Yuebei folk songs another material cultural brand after the county's shadow play.shan Zhongling Xiuxiu Marlboro Gold, outstanding people. The generations of Hengshan people have worked hard on this beautiful land and created valuable spiritual wealth and material wealth. As a new generation of Hengshan people, we must inherit the spirit of Hengshan and build our hometown more beautifully! Fireworks are everywhere in life, not so strange. It is fleeting, only a blink of an eye disappears, but it leaves people with beautiful, beautiful memories, I want to cheer for it, I want to cheer for it! Colorful fireworks bloom in the dark night sky. The flowery fireworks suddenly filled the entire sky, so great! You see the plexus, green and red, like a magnificent flower; you see that pile, the stars, the golden, seems to be the sky mother's beautiful hairpin; you see that cluster, orange! Unite into a cute pattern that makes people think about each other and gives them another sense of beauty; when you look at that side, the fireworks are scattered like a meteorso decreasing. When it blooms in the boundless sky, it disappears in a blink of an eye, and only the dark smoke proves that it was beautiful. It��s just a blink of an eye, and people��s minds remember the beautiful moments tes Cigarettes Cheaper, there is no trace left, and it is impossible to let it come back. Everyone is eager for their own useful time, but that is impossible. We only need to cherish this time and enjoy the happiness brought to us during this time. This time is not a waste. After it disappeared, it left us with good memories, which is enough.

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