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After the dance, the voices went h
After the dance, the voices went home happily. But female voice, male voice, false voice is very convinced. After the dance, they went to the king to jud heard someone talking. They quickly hid. They saw that the king was talking to a masked man: "Children, I know that the three of them will certainly not be convinced, so I will hold another game. At that time, you will come to participate. Location: ..., Time: ..." After the kings left, the female voice, the male voice, the false voice was thinking: Who is the "children"? I have never heard of the voice kingdom, the three people the king said, Does it mean us. "Forget it, we also secretly follow the past." Female voice proposed. "Good." The false voice and the male voice clapped in favor. Thisto a house, it was a simple house, but it was very big, and they went in unconsciously. The room was dark and smeared. Suddenly, the door slammed shut. The female voice, the male voice, and the false voice were in extreme fear. Suddenly, the lights were on, not a glimpse, but countless gongs. Do not close your eyes. When they opened their eyes, they found themselves standing on . It said: "Ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon, let's take a look at the three sounds." Female voice, male voice, false voice, confused, suddenly, another incredible thing happened Marlboro Gold, gentleman, The audience disappeared Buy Marlboro Cigarettes Online. There was only a desolate land in front of them. There was a grandmother sitting on the ground. She looked very sad. The good voices rushed over and asked the old grandmother: "Grandma, what happened to you, what happened." The old grandmother said sadly: "My crops are dead, there is no harvest this year. How should I have this day? It is said that the songs of unity and kindness can awaken these crops, but let me go where to find them." "Unity, kindness." The three voices said in unison. They recalled their own scenes at the dance. Everyone thought about their own interests. Isn't this a selfish expression? Moreover, in order to compete for the title of the most beautiful voice, the three friends who had been in the past have begun to alienate. The male voice, the female voice, and the false voice suddenly understood. They held hands and looked at each other, revealing a long-lost smile. They once again sang the "Sound of Music" that three good friends had not co-sung for a long time Wholesale Cigarettes. The singing voice is more beautiful than the female voice, more powerful than the male voice, and more brilliant than the false sound. A ray of light seemed to be heard, and they were not around for a long time... After a while, the crops miraculously came over, the grandmother showed a smile, the desolate land disappeared, and they appeared on the l king appeared, and it felt extremely gratified. The masked man also appeared. He said with his hand, male voice, false voice, and even the audience were shocked. The original black dress was actually the goddess of goodness. The old grandmother also appeared. She took out a pearl. The pearl quickly flew to the female voice, and the male voice, next to the false voice, gave an extraordinary brilliance. The goddess of kindness smiled and said to them: "You are great Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping. This symbol of good pearls is a reward for you. I hope that there will be more and more kind people like you in the fimmediately fell into meditation, they remembered the piece of withered crops, the old grandmotgh to eat Parliament Cigarettes, not warm. We enjoy the taste of the mountains and the sea, and they But we can only go hungrddess of goodness and the king were also moved, the pearl was also moved, and it suddenly burst into tears. There was a burst of pearl rain in the audience, and countless glittering pearls fromturned out that the poor people, with the help of pearls, got out of the hungry, frozen life, and they all laughed happily...

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