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Childhood, like a shining starligh
Childhood, like a shining starlight, shines on the road of my growth, shining; childhood is like a cool spring, pure and free of impurities, refreshing; childhood asrse, there is no such thing as a naive thing. Whenever I recall that time, I giggled, smiled sweetly, and smiled brilliantly, as if all the fascinating memories reapp was 5 years old Marlboro Menthol 100S, some of my guests came to the house, all of my dad��s friends. I can only play with the puppy. I was kneeling on the floor, smirking and turning the puppy over and scratching itchy. Its four small claws fluttered in the air as if they were protesting, and they seemed to be laughing happily. Playing and playing, suddenly my mother shouted for dinner with two dishes. I am like a conditioned reflex, picking up the puppy at once, struggling to climb the chair, staring at the dish in my mother's hand Online Cigarettes, it is already drooping: there are fried shrimp, boiled fish, and braised pork! Hey, I just smelled meat when I was playing, and my stomach had already called "t wait to pick up the chopsticks to meet the needs of my stomach Marlboro Cigarettes. Dad took my chopsticks and said, "If you have too many people, you can't sit down. You can make a small table for a chiuzzled and asked: "Why are I only a child, how are you adults?" An uncle saw and smiled and replied: "Look, are we all long beards?" I squinted my head. They all looked at it again and nodded certainly. "You don't hav seems to be..." I had to sit on the small table puppy in my arms in a blink of an eye, and it had a beard. I was annoyed to push it to the chair next to the adult: "Go and go Cheap Cigarettes Free Shipping, you have a beard, you are already an adult Cigarettes Online, sit with them!" The uncles listened suddenly and laughed and laughed. I have to lean forward and back, and some still laugh and spit out the water that I drank. The puppy also waved his paws and stared at me with wide eyes. I don't know what they laughed at, but also grinned: d is like a rainbow after the rain, colorful; childhood is like a beautiful staff, and writes a lot of interesting things; childhood fun is like the various shells on the seashore, shimmering with the sea, exudes a colorful childhood, Childhood is a landscape that lasts forever, a fascinating memory.

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