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Anecdote in childhood is like a
Anecdote in childhood is like a grape on a grape vine. One is connected to one, and there are countless. Let me pick the one that is the most full and tell you. It was a sunny Sunday, and my mother went out to buy food. I am hungry and come to the kitchen. Open the refrigerator door and watch the dazzling array of food. The saliva can't help but flow down. I picked up a piece of beef and just wanted to bite it. But I remembered my mother said: "Children will become cows when they eat beef." I was so scared that I threw the beef back. At this time, my stomach screamed. I licked my stomach and shook hands. Involuntarily grabbed the piece of beef, while eating and thinking: ugly is small, starving is big. I ate it with relish. One piece is not enough, I eat two pieces, two pieces are not enough for me to eat three pieces... "Hey--" I hit one. It was discovered that my little belly was round and the beef on the plate was swept away by me. I closed the refrigerahis time, I remembered my mother's words. Worse, I ate so much beef, I want to become a cow. My heart is like a little rabbit Marlboro Lights, jumping strainto the room and covered my head with a quilt. I thought secretly: When I am finished, I will become a cow Newport 100S. Mom won't know me, my friend won't play with me... I think about it, my arm is itching. Should I start to change? I was afraid to touch my head and touched the ho Mom came back. She opened the door of my room and said Carton Of Cigarettes, "Baby, where are you?" I grabbed the quilt, for fear that he would see my "bovine-like" Cigarettes For Sale. Mom found me and opened the quilt. He bent down and looked at me and said, "What's wrong, his face is so ugly?" I told my mother one by one. Mother laughed and then told me: "Mom is preventing you from stealing this little servant, so I told you this lie." I looked at my mother stupidly, thinking: "My mother is cheating." I am really scared of me Online Cigarettes.ny things in childhood are blurred in my mind, but this thing is still fresh in my memory.

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