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Childhood is colorful; childh
Childhood is colorful; childhood is carefree; childhood is innocent. The childhood fun is like a beautiful note, full of fantasy colors Parliament Cigarettes. Childhood will not be blown away by the wind, will not be covered by clouds, and will only be illuminated by the s photo album, I still have such a photo: a little girl is excited about kapok in the community park Cheap Cigarettes. Every time I see this photo, I will miss the childhood fun that was pure and hapring, the trees are covered with kapok, big and small, like red lanterns. Their looks are so charming. When I was young, I liked to compete with my friends for kapok. I often forget the time and forget to eat. I remember that it was a Sunday afternoon. I and a few small partners took a small basket and came to the garden. There were several kapok trees, and today it was windy, so that we could get enough. I and my friends are kept under a kapok tree, staring at the surroundings all the time, my eyes are round and round, and I am afraid that if I don��t pay attention Online Cigarettes, I will be the first to be picked up , I saw only one big, red kapok fell. I rushed over, grabbed the position with my body Marlboro Cigarettes Online, and quickly picked up the kapok. The other little friends were slower than me. Blocked behind. I am complacent in my heart. I haven't waited for my reaction, another small partner has picked up a kapok. Oh, it��s too distracting, I think in hateful thoughts. "Hey, let's go to the kapok tree inside, there are more trees!" The small partner proposed. "I won't go, let's go!" I shouted at them. Yesterday I went to the kapok in the wood. I waited for a long time and only got two. I am not so stupid today Marlboro Red. Half a day passed, my basket was filled with red kapok, and I ran inside to lick their results. I saw them crying and mourning. There were only three or two kapok in the basket, and they looked at the big tree. As if praying for kapok to fall off quickly. "Don't watch, I won today's game." The friends rushed over and looked at my basket full of kapok, one by one, and I went back with a triumphant s remembered the interesting thing, and I couldn't help but laugh. The childhood story is full of innocent happiness, even a childish stupid thing, is a memorable memory. Unconsciously, the old man has quietly taken away his childhood and put an end to his childhood. But childhood memories will remain in my heart forever, and a beautiful childlike heart will remain in my heart.

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