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On the playground, a little boy learns to ride
On the playground, a little boy learns to ride a bicycle and stands next to his father. Without a guide, there was no comfort. The little boy naturally fell and fell, and his legs were already bloody. Finally, the child sat on the ground, cried, and cried. The father still stood so fluently, his eyes full of disdain and indifference. How eager for the child's encouragement. No; how eager for the child to hug her father, or not. It��s just the empty eyes that make the child feel cold and ruthless. Finally, the child did not cry, barely stood up, crossed the car, and began to try again. My father had already been interested in it, turned around, took a big step and left. Behind him was a burst of metal and ground friction Marlboro Red, and the father just turned back inadvertently Marlboro Gold, but his hand was shaking. The child stood up and thought about the father's indifferent eyes, and the two lines of tears slipped past his cheeks inexplicably. One step, two steps, e auditorium, the little boy of the year was crowded and walked onto the podium. Once again, the trophy was held high, and once again cheered. Holding the glory, the child struggled to find his father with the flashing lights. In the crowd, there is no him. There is only one person in the seat. In an instant, the auditorium seemed to be empty, and only the child was looking at him with his father. Still so indifferent, still so disdainful. The father��s empty eyes faded the radiant trophy. Standing up Online Cigarettes, heading to his son, grabbed the trophy that was holding it, and the father did not hesitate to hand it over to the teacher in the background. The two lines of tears once again flowed , no words. Looking straight at his father, his wrinkles were deep, and his black hair was a little gray. Tears in my eyes, suppressed Carton Of Cigarettes. In the blur, there is some light in the father's indifferent eyes. The trembling hand reached out to his son, stopped in midair, and shrunk back. Pointing at the door, his father turned and did not move. Looking far away from the back of his father. Near the corner, my father settled, turned back, glanced at him and saw his son Newport Cigarettes. The young people also watched his father, and the tears that could not be suppressed finally flowed down. In silence, the heart is so warm, one step, two steps, three steps...

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