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The night is deep - ylq - 20.06.2019

The night is deep. In the summer night, the whole city is covered in black, and there are only a few bright lights to see. The moon hangs quietly in the air, although the contrast between blue and black and yellow and white is strong, but the strange combination of the moon and the night is very harmonious Newport Cigarettes Coupons. Most people have slept, and most of the people who are not shining can see that most people are sleeping. Just looking at this picture is reminiscent of silence and quiet, but the occasional screams and mosquitoes screams like reminding people - this is a sultry and long night except those who wake up in the night In addition to the insects looking for food, I can understand the long and sultry summer nights, I am afraid that there are only a group of teenagers - it is a group of dreamers who are difficult on the road of dreams but can only walk alone. I just mentioned that most of the windows have no light, and they are the small part of the window that shines bright. I am afraid that after many years, they will remember: the midsummer night, the moonlight in the dark night and the lights in their own room, the sweat that slides down the face, the page-turning problem that has been turned over, and the piece of draft paper that has been lost... ...these, who formed them as a whole youth, who have gone through the college entrance examination, should not forget the cruelty of this battle. Take one in a hundred, take one in a thousand, and take one in a million. There are no guns and cannons, no bloodshed and death, but countless people do their best for it. This battle tests the perseverance of human beings. The test is the persistence of dreams. The test is the tolerance of boring. Dreams need something to exchange. Dreams need to be exchanged for sleep time, and they need to be exchanged with actual actions. Under the combination of time and action, there have been a batch of young people who have been fighting for a dream, and they have not stopped moving forward on the road of thorny dreams. I think I can��t forget the summer night of 17 years old. Because I have never experienced the taste of doing everything for one thing before mokingusacigarettes.com. I thought that the "difficulties" of the brain directly issued instructions can not be resisted, but then I realized that there is a power to compete with it Online Cigarettes, that is, the belief in the heart. In this universe, people who still have faith can be described as morning stars, but the strange thing is that the owners of beliefs are mostly concentrated in these teenagers. I have just left the childish innocence of childhood, but I have not been suppressed by life. You don't have to bend over for life Newport Cigarettes, you don't have to think about how much you can get, and you will have a rich return. They only know that youth can't be vain and can't be wasted, so don't hesitate to fight and try Marlboro Lights. There are only such people who are not afraid to fall many times, not afraid of being confused in front, and the firm goal is ahead, so bravely move their legs forward. On their rugged roads, the midsummer nights are the long journeys that will never be forgotten by those simple struggles. Forever, those who are in the midsummer night will never forget the forever. What inspired you to dream forward. This midsummer, faintly from the stars, saw the dream shines from it.
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